What is Mediation?

Discover the power of mediation – Mediation is a divorce settlement conference that is facilitated by a skilled neutral. This neutral professional is the mediator, who is trained in effective mediation techniques. These techniques enable you and your spouse to settle your case without going to court and are aimed at resolving your case amicably.

Advantages of Mediation:

  • Timesaving: Expediting the resolution process.
  • Cost-saving: Avoiding the financial burden of prolonged court proceedings.
  • Emotionally Efficient: Minimizing the emotional strain compared to protracted court battles.

Is Mediation Mandatory?

In many jurisdictions, including Travis County, mediation is required before you can proceed to a final court hearing. This mandatory step aims to foster settlements between parties and to promote a more collaborative approach to dispute resolution.

You and your attorneys will select a mediator and schedule the mediation. In most cases that is done by agreement of the parties or their attorneys and is not done by the court. A party can file a motion for referral to alternative dispute resolution, which can be heard by a Judge. In those instances, parties may be ordered to mediation. Most of the time, however, the parties and their attorneys will agree upon a mediator to use and will schedule the mediation at a time that is convenient for all parties.

Local Rules and Beyond:

While mediation is often mandated by local rules, its influence extends beyond Travis County to counties such as Williamson County and Hays County for proceedings that may exceed three hours. Judges prefer cases where they know that there has been an effort to resolve the case without the necessity of court intervention.

Mediation – A gateway to resolving conflicts outside the traditional courtroom setting.

Sara Saltmarsh has over 25 years of experience as a mediator. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of conflict resolution, she is committed to fostering amicable solutions. Sara’s skills as mediator and her unique ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds have made her a very popular choice to mediate Family Law cases throughout Central Texas.

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What Our Clients Say

“I retained Sara Saltmarsh while going through a divorce case. I have a new-found respect for attorneys after working with Sara. During a very tough case that was being frivolously extended by the opposition, Sara maintained impressive professionalism and integrity. I was also impressed with Sara’s diligence and attention to detail with regards to family law. I will now be using Sara Saltmarsh for my Will.”

~ T.B.