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“I want to thank you again for an outstanding job. You did SUPER presenting my case to the judge.” – B.R.

“… I believe you are a fair lawyer to each side and I believe you look for justice. Thanks for all your help… May God bless you for your fairness in your dealings.” – R.S.


“Your support and kindness made the heartbreak and pain bearable.” – M.P.

“… I want to thank you for your support and kindness. I don’t think I could have made it through everything without your understanding.” – M.P.

“I retained Sara Saltmarsh while going through a divorce case. I have a new-found respect for attorneys after working with Sara. During a very tough case that was being frivolously extended by the opposition, Sara maintained impressive professionalism and integrity. I was also impressed with Sara’s diligence and attention to detail with regards to family law. I will now be using Sara Saltmarsh for my Will.” – T.B

“Thanks very much for your help, and particularly moral support. You did an EXCELLENT job and I will recommend your services at every opportunity.” – D.B.

“We want to express our sincere gratitude for your dedication and generosity as our legal representative in this most difficult case… You were able to help us pursue a just end through your perseverance, patience, and dedication.” – L.W.

“We want to say thank-you for the peace of mind we feel now because of your care and interest. We sleep now, get things done, and move on with our lives because of your sound advice.” – N.M.

“Sara Saltmarsh has every attribute you want in your attorney. She’s intelligent, hard-working, wise, well-organized, patient, and strong. She can go toe-to-toe with any opposing counsel to fight for what is right for everyone and does so with class.” – C.C.